Registering Serbian (.rs) domains

On October 26, 2007 the Registry for National Internet Domain of Serbia (RNIDS) approved the documents regulating the rules for .rs domain name registrations and transition from .yu to new .rs domains. For the complete set of adopted documents, visit

Gama Electronics is an authorized registrar for .rs domains and allows its users to register new domains.

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Costs of registering .rs domains

TLD Annual fee Annual fee (with discount)*
.rs (all users) 2,820.00 RSD 2,160.00 RSD (business users) 960.00 RSD 840.00 RSD (other business users) 960.00 RSD 840.00 RSD (educational institutions) 960.00 RSD 840.00 RSD (individuals) 600.00 RSD 480.00 RSD
Domain transfers between registrants 720.00 RSD
Domain owner privacy protection 600.00 RSD
Registry Lock 12000.00 RSD

Note: Prices are VAT inclusive. All prices are the same for natural and legal entities.

Volume discount:

  • 5% discount for 10 domain years

Only one discount at a time can be applied. Higher discount rates have the highest priority.

* All clients who pay our hosting service (web/mail server) on our servers obtain a discount for domain name registration.


How to register a .rs domain

Registration and payment can be made online via credit card or QVoucher. If preferred, we may send you an invoice. Your domains will be registered as soon as your payment is received.

Visit Registering a new domain and fill in the online form, then select a hosting pack and register your domains in a simple and easy way, saving up to 20% with our attractive discount rates.


Transferring registered .rs domains

To transfer an already registered .rs domain, the registrant (owner) of said domain(s) must send a written request for transfer of domain from the current to the new registrar (i.e. Gama Electronics).

Requests must be sent to the current authorized registrar by fax or email.

When sending a request, remember to also include the completed form. Please send all necessary documents by email.

Domain transfer is done free of charge.


The most important RNIDS general rules and conditions

The following .rs domains will be available for registration:

  • RS – for all users
  • CO.RS – for business users
  • ORG.RS – for other legal entities
  • EDU.RS – for educational institutions and organizations
  • IN.RS – for individual users
  • AC.RS – reserved for the Serbian academic scientific research network (delegated)
  • GOV.RS – reserved for the Serbian state authorities (delegated)

All domestic and foreign natural and legal entities are free to register a desired number of domains.

The payment is made on an annual basis for a period of 1 to 10 years. All clients using our hosting service (web/mail server) on our servers obtain a 30% discount for the registration of a .rs domain.

For more information, contact us via email or directly by phone at (011) 333 0 333.